A Carpathian Campaign / Alma T.C. Boykin

We designed this alternate history book cover for multi-series author Alma T.C. Boykin delivered it in e-book and paperback format.

A Carpathian Campaign presents an alternate history of the beginnings of the first World War, combining the real and the fantastic. Noble houses secretly populated by half-dragons, along with the ancient Powers, who live on the energy of the land, have worked together to guide Europe for over a thousand years. But in 1913, the balance of power has shifted, and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand begins a war that no being, human or otherwise, can prevent. All of this is experienced through the eyes of István Eszterházy, who is torn away from his new family and gives the reader an on-the-ground view of the chaos of the Great War.

The cover design alludes to printed materials from the 1910’s, with its limited colour palette and hand-drawn poster-art style. The colours were chosen to strongly contrast the typical browns and grays of historical novels, and to give a hint of the fantastic elements presented in the book.

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