Forcing the Spring / Alma T C Boykin

We designed this alternate history book cover for author Alma T C Boykin and delivered it in e-book and paperback formats.

In Forcing the Spring, the ninth book of the Colplatschki Chronicles, Pjtor Svendborg and his half-brother Isaac the Simple must find a way to wrench NovRodi free of the clutches of Pjtor’s half-sister and defend it against the Harriers. Thrust into a position of responsibility too early, Pjtor must mature quickly to save NovRodi from returning to the years of chaos it so recently escaped.

The cover design combines the landscape of NovRodi with the strong focal point of the Emperor’s medallion. The medallion incorporates world-building elements from the book in the form of Pjtor’s personal emblem and some fictional NovRodi script. The overall design follows (and reinforces) the established conventions for the Colplatschki Chronicles books.

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