Shadows and Anguish / Alma T C Boykin

We designed this sci-fi book cover for multi-series author Alma T.C. Boykin and delivered it in e-book and paperback format.

Shadows and Anguish, the eighth book in the ongoing Cat Among Dragons series, tells the story of protagonist Rada’s lowest point. After near-death at the hands of her father’s enemies, Rada returns to her combat duties, her body damaged but her mind seemingly intact. But as new dangers threaten everything Rada holds dear, the pressure mounts and she reaches a crisis point.

The cover design captures the intensity of Rada’s emotional pain at the climax of the book. Her silhouetted appearance serves a dual purpose, showing her near-black mental state, while avoiding visual details that could interfere with the reader’s imagination. (The protagonist has never been depicted on any of the book covers in this series.) The title font and circuit background reinforce the sci-fi genre.

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