Sky High Stakes / Ted Clifton

We designed this P.I. mystery book cover for series author Ted Clifton and delivered it in e-book and paperback formats.

Sky High Stakes, the second book in the Pacheco & Chino series, sees protagonist Ray and his partner Tyee take on an assignment that seems simple at first: investigate reports of corruption in the Ruidoso police department and report back to the Attorney General.

Acting sherriff Martin Marino is implicated, but things get a lot more complicated when Marino is found dead, shot at close range in his patrol car on Main Street. The suspects include most of the town, but at the same time, Ray has an uneasy feeling that the Attorney General is withholding critical information. The involvement of a Spanish princess, a drug lord gone mad, and a few other lowlifes brings the case to a surprising conclusion.

The cover design continues the series style established with the first book, Dog Gone Lies. The bold, rough style conveys the dangerous environment that Ray and Tyee operate in, and the colour scheme is a subtle allusion to the title.

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