God is Dead / Kata Mlek

We designed this thriller book cover for best-selling author Kata Mlek, and delivered it in e-book and paperback format.

God is Dead is the third book in the One God trilogy and the conclusion of Miran’s story. With no opposition remaining, no force can reign in Miran’s ambition, and the course of history is guided solely by his whim. When his own weaknesses inevitably catch up to him, the result is destruction and suffering on a massive scale. God is Dead continues the thriller action of the first two books, while mixing in elements of science fiction and philosophy that propel it to a powerful conclusion.

The cover design depicts Miran, a fallen god, crucified at the heart of his own empire. The light of his inspiration has gone out, and shadows move across his body, ready to carry him into darkness. The viewpoint has shifted from the previous book, and whereas previously the viewer was disoriented looking up at Miran, they now look down on him with cold clarity. The colour palette implies that the heat of the first book has died completely, while also tying into an event toward the end of the book that stays with most readers for long afterward.

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