The Last Man / Kata Mlek

We designed this thriller book cover for best-selling author Kata Mlek, and delivered it in e-book and paperback format.

The Last Man is the second book in the One God trilogy, chronicling the rise of Miran Zyelinski and his dominating GMO company, Genesis. In this second book, having gained control of the GMO market, Genesis sets to work manipulating the population of Europe, steadily pushing itself into the center of every aspect of their lives. This second book tilts the balance from violent action toward more corporate and political espionage as Genesis begins to operate on a larger scale.

The cover design depicts Miran, triumphant and larger than life, towering over everyone against the backdrop of the Genesis headquarters. The colour palette reflects the sickly condition of society under the influence of Genesis, and the disorienting upward viewpoint reinforces both the unnatural condition and Miran’s elevated position. The titles retain consistency with the first and third book to tie the series together.

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