The Will to Power / Kata Mlek

We designed this thriller book cover for best-selling author Kata Mlek, and delivered it in e-book and paperback format.

The Will to Power is the first book in an epic trilogy that tells the story of Miran Zyelinski, his decades-long rise to absolute power by gaining control of the global food supply, and the political and personal consequences that follow. Full of corporate espionage, assassinations, blackmail, and back-room manipulation, The Will to Power is a study of the human need to dominate.

The cover design depicts Miran surveying the corporate landscape he intends to conquer, his mind burning bright with genius and ambition. The colour palette conveys the intensity of the book, and the titles are simple and fearlessly bold. The chemical formulae are a nod to the GMO technology that drives the action, and give a hint of the sci-fi elements that appear in the later books.

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