Blackbird / Alma T.C. Boykin

We designed this alternate history book cover for multi-series author Alma T.C. Boykin and delivered it in e-book format.

Blackbird is the seventh book of the Colplatschki Chronicles, part of a second cycle of books which deal with various characters on the world of Colplat IV. Matthew Malatesta, younger brother of the heir to Marteen, aspired to nothing more than defeating the Turkowi—until he was driven into exile. Thus began the saga of the Blackbird, the man the Turkowi fear above all others, driven by duty and anger, and braver than any unbeliever had any right to be.

The cover design follows the established style for the second cycle of Colplatschki books: the shield and emblem of the central character, depicted in front of the landscape where their story takes place. The circuitry effect on the title emphasizes the light sci-fi elements of the Colplatschki series and helps to separate the book from magical or medieval fantasy.

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