Circuits and Crises / Alma T.C. Boykin

We designed this alternate history book cover for multi-series author Alma T.C. Boykin and delivered it in e-book format.

Circuits and Crises is the sixth book in the Colplatschki chronciles. While Emperor Andrew works to regain the lost technology of the Landers, the Turkowi army is building up far to the south, ready to overwhelm everything in its path. In between Andrew and the Turkowi stands the fortress of Sigurney and the patricians of Scheel, merchants more terrified of their new neighbor to the north than of the rising tide to the south. When the mountain passes open, the three forces meet, and three men stand between obsession and destruction.

The cover design follows the established design for the second sequence of Colplatschki books, showing the Emperors emblem and shield against the landscape of rolling hills and rivers. The circuit-ornamented title alludes to Andrew’s obsession with Lander technology, and cues the reader that the genre is not medieval or fantasy.

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