Peaks of Grace / Alma T.C. Boykin

We designed this alternate history book cover for multi-series author Alma T.C. Boykin and delivered it in e-book format.

Peaks of Grace is the fifth book in the Colplatschki Chronicles, and the first book of a new cycle that moves on from past protagonist Elizabeth von Sarmas to explore the lives of other characters on ColPlat IX. Marguerite de Sarm’s sheltered upbringing as a noblewoman is shattered by her husband’s apparent treachery, forcing her to take up the power of her house. Odile Rheinhart struggles to find a place in a world with little sympathy for the blind. The two women, each dealing with their own boundaries, are drawn together when Marguerite’s house is threatened by Philip of Frankonia, the richest man in Colplatschki.

This cover established the design style for the second cycle of Colplatschki books: the emblem and shield of a house in front of the landscape where the story takes place. This design was continued through Book 8 of the series, and influenced the design of the covers for the third cycle, starting with Book 9: Forcing the Spring.

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