Fit from the Start / Alvin Eden, Barbara Moore, and Adrienne Forman

We designed this children’s health book cover for the multi-author team of Alvin Eden, Barbara Moore, and Adrienne Forman, and delivered it in e-book and paperback formats. (We also provided diagrams for the book interior.)

Fit from the Start addresses the disturbing finding that nearly 2 out of 3 children who are obese by kindergarten will remain obese as teens, and most of those teens will become obese adults. The book gives parents simple advice on how to prevent obesity in infancy, including how to avoid overfeeding, how to establish healthy sleep patterns, avoiding sugary drinks, how to introduce solid foods, and others. Includes recipes, menu plans, and other resources.

The cover design is intentionally bold and simple. This helps the book stand out among the cluttered and chaotic covers that are common among parenting books, and suggests that this is the book to choose for parents who want well-organized, easy-to-use advice. The oversize title is easily readable, even as a small thumbnail image. We intentionally avoided depicting a child or children on the cover, to help readers understand that the advice in this book is applicable to all children.

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