Put your book directly in front of reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers, bloggers, and educators on NetGalley.

Although any author can purchase a listing directly from NetGalley, our experience is that the greatest value comes from a properly planned and targeted listing that is dilligently monitored and managed. That’s where we come in! We offer fully customized listings at a variety of durations.

We’ll start with a consultation to determine your book’s marketing needs and how you can get the most value from NetGalley. Are you looking to boost your reviews on retail sites like Amazon? Generate attention on genre-specific blogs and communities? Push for placement in bookstores? We’ll advise you on how to target your listing for maximum impact.

We then set up your listing (including setting your metadata and listing options correctly, uploading all materials, and writing a custom NetGalley blurb for your book), monitor and manage it (including screening reviewers, handling reminders and thank-you’s, booking add-on promotions, and reporting progress to you), and finish by delivering a final report containing marketing data, performance stats, and our advice for your future promotions.

Throughout your listing we’re available to answer questions, provide updates, and adapt your listing to changing circumstances.

Note: For new releases, we recommend getting in touch six months before your publication date to allow proper booking time.


  • Have a strong launch or boost a published title
  • Generate reviews on store websites and book-reading communities
  • Get marketing data about your audience to inform future promotions
  • Attract new readers to your work
  • Create future promotional opportunities such as interviews and features

We Deliver

  • Initial consultation to determine your marketing needs and plan your placement
  • Listing setup including correctly setting metadata, uploading materials, and setting listing options
  • End-to-end management including reviewer screening, reminders, and thank-you’s; promotions management; and monitoring
  • Customization— get the length and add-ons you need
  • Final report including marketing data and advice for future promotions

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