E-Book Layout

“Honestly, this has been a completely enjoyable experience for us. You have been thorough, your attention to detail is much appreciated, and we have found that your pricing is very fair especially in the light of all the work that you do for us. You are prompt with email replies and you know what you are doing, we will absolutely use you again.”

—Doug Rollings
Author, Hypocrisy Busting

What is it?

E-book layout (also known as e-book conversion or e-book production) is the process of transforming your manuscript into error-free, visually appealing book files that will work on all of today’s e-reading devices.

For fiction authors, many tools exist to automatically convert your MS-Word manuscript into an e-book file. However, what these tools can’t provide is a unique visual design for your e-book interior. Our e-book layouts include custom visual design based on your story, so that your book looks and feels as high-quality as possible.

For non-fiction authors, you will benefit from the guidance of an experienced graphic designer, who can help you make smart decisions to ensure your text and other content are clear and accessible. Whether it be charts, maps, recipes, or content in other languages, we’ll make it a joy for your readers to use.


  • Cover-to-cover guarantee: if you find any formatting errors in your e-book, we’ll fix them for free.
  • Free ISBNs. Save as much as $250!
  • No limits on word count, structure, or content.
  • Individually field-tested on all types of e-reading device.
  • You own all copyrights to the e-book files we produce.

We Deliver

  • Kindle file (for Amazon Kindle readers).
  • EPUB file (for iPad, Kobo, Nook, Android, and others).
  • Book previews/excerpts to use in your promotions if desired.
  • PDF file if desired.

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“Once again, IndieBookLauncher provided excellent service … the conversion process from Word went smoothly.”

—Alma T.C. Boykin
Multi-Series Author


Our base price is $250 (Canadian) per book. This price applies to most novels, and to most non-fiction e-books that are primarily text. Prices for all other e-books are based on length and complexity. For multiple books with related content, discounts may be available.

A non-fiction e-book containing charts, tables, diagrams, maps, or specially-formatted text will typically cost from $500 to $1000. An especially complex e-book, such as a textbook, recipe book, or other e-books with special layouts will usually cost from $1000 to $3000.

Every e-book is unique, so we will review your manuscript and discuss your e-book with you before providing a quote. If we see more than one possible approach to your e-book layout, we’ll mention this and provide quotes for each approach if desired.

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