Amazon, iTunes, iBookStore, Kobo, Barnes and Noble; North America, South America, Europe, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa


  • Sell your e-book on Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, and Barnes&Noble and make your print book available on Amazon and through retail channels (see market stats and map)
  • No-hassle setup—we handle everything on your behalf
  • Retain complete control and all rights (details)
  • Get paid 100% of earnings directly from vendors, no middle man (details)
  • One-time setup with no ongoing fees

We Deliver

  • Complete setup of vendor accounts and book data
  • Personalized market survey and pricing advice (details)
  • ISBNs as needed
  • High-impact book description (details)
  • Follow-up support with no fees and no time limit (details)

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“This was our first book publishing venture, made more complicated by the fact that there are three authors. Thanks to the masterful and diplomatic guidance of Saul Bottcher, the process was pleasant and efficient. I plan to work with IndieBookLauncher again in the future and I recommend them without reservation.”

—Barbara Moore, PhD, FTOS
Co-Author of Fit from the Start: How to Prevent Childhood Obesity in Infancy


Our standard fee for a single title distributed as an e-book or in print is $120 (Canadian). To receive our standard fee, your book must be distribution-ready. This means you must have either an interior layout and wraparound cover design, or a completed e-book file and cover image. (If you need help getting your book ready for distribution, we can help!)

When comparing our pricing with other distributors, please verify whether those services charge a percentage or monthly fee. Our price is a one-time fee, with no future payments or royalties of any kind.

For authors distributing in multiple formats, or distributing multiple titles simultaneously, discounts are available (please enquire).

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Market Coverage

Sell in 55 countries
Sell to 95% of e-book buyers in the United States
Sell to 98% of native English-speakers worldwide

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Control and rights: unlike many distribution services, we do not operate as a ‘middle man’. Instead, we help you to set up accounts directly with each vendor. This means that you keep all of your copyrights, all of your contractual and negotiating rights, and complete control over the pricing and presentation of your book. (And, of course, you keep 100% of your income from each vendor—we don’t take royalties of any kind.)

Our market survey helps you choose the best launch price for our book and plan your future pricing strategy. We start by gathering data on the current prices of best-selling books in relevant genres/subjects, then we analyze this data and prepare a report advising you on the maximum and minimum effective prices for your book, as well as our recommendations for your pricing strategy.

Your book description is an important marketing tool, but many authors find them hard to write. We help you to summarize your book in a short, high-impact description that will grab reader interest and boost sales. We can help you polish your existing description, or create one from scratch. We’ll also help you to create a one-sentence tagline you can use in your promotions.

Our follow-up support helps you with all those questions that come up after you publish. Whether your question is about updating your book data, changing your price, getting paid, or accessing sales data, we’ll help you out. There are no extra fees, and it doesn’t matter how much time has passed since you distributed through us—we’ve got your back.

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