Developmental Editing

“If you need help with your story structure or series planning—better call Saul and Nas. My latest series might have stalled without their help planning the overall story arc, as well as with countless other elements, from accurate forensic science to getting legal details right. On top of all that, Nas and Saul are friendly, straightforward, and supportive. Whether you have an outline or a full draft, I highly recommend them.”

—Kata Mlek, author, The Will to Power (One God Trilogy)

What is it?

Developmental editing helps you build on your current draft by giving you advice on ‘big picture’ issues.

For fiction books, we comment on areas like plot, pacing, structure, characterization, atmosphere, and prose style.

For non-fiction books, we comment on areas such as clarity of presentation, structure of information, reading level and audience, and non-text attributes

(If you’re looking for line-by-line editing, you’ll want our copy and stylistic editing service instead.)

Your manuscript will be edited by Nas Hedron, a professional with 15 years of experience editing fiction and non-fiction.


  • 100% personal. Our feedback is customized to your goals and communication style. We never cut-and-paste advice.
  • Every facet of your manuscript is addressed.
  • Or, choose focused feedback on specific areas of concern.
  • Honest, respectful, and usable feedback.

We Deliver

  • 5000 words of specific advice following our initial consultation with you.
  • Unlimited follow-up for questions, clarifications, and advice on putting our feedback into practice.
  • Additional rounds of feedback for new drafts available at a reduced price.

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Our initial consultation fee is $350 Canadian for most books. Books that are longer than 100,000 words, or which have special requirements, may require a higher fee. (We provide an exact quote after a brief review of your manuscript and discussion of your project.)

Our initial fee includes the following: discussions about your book and your goals, our read-through of your manuscript, our report containing our advice, and our follow-up for any questions you may have.

As you revise your manuscript, additional rounds of developmental editing are available at a reduced cost.

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