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Education Math book cover design: Gifting Your Child Psychological Thriller book cover design: Absolute Sunset Alternate History book cover design: Forcing the Spring Thriller book cover design: The Last Man Fantasy / Sci-fi book cover design: Worthy of Prometheus

“Saul, Thank you for providing me with a beautiful cover for my indie book. … Thank you also for the amount of patience you have shown in proactively answering all my questions, and for the time you have taken on this project. You are totally service-oriented, and I sincerely hope that you have tons of business coming your way. You deserve it.”

—Kerman Bharucha
Author, Gifting Your Child: Math and Literacy from Infancy


  • 100% original. No stock photos, no templates. Never worry about becoming a clone cover.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Guaranteed quote. No photo fees, no revision fees, no hourly fees. Just a fixed price, up front.
  • You own the copyright to your cover. Use it anywhere: for promotions, merchandise, or any other purpose.
  • Audience and competitor research personalized to your book, so your cover is properly targeted.

We Deliver

  • High-res master image and e-book cover.
  • Print cover, including front, back, spine, and barcode.
  • Audiobook cover
  • Copyright ownership document giving you legal peace-of-mind.
  • Layer separations, allowing you to use individual elements of your cover on your website, promos, and merchandise.

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“Looks amazing! Thanks so much, I really appreciate your hard work.”

—Nolan Johnson
Author, Skybreaker

Education and Career Planning book cover design: Grow Kids Alternate History book cover design: A Carpathian Campaign Thriller book cover design: God is Dead Infant Health book cover design: Fit From the Start Sci-fi book cover design: Clawing Back from Chaos

“I found the cover design process remarkably painless ... [the cover] has attracted compliments and generated sales.”

—Alma T. C. Boykin
Author, Justice & Juniors


Prices range from $500–$2000. No matter what your budget, all of our covers are eye-catching, clean, professional, and unique. Pricing is based on how complex the design is, whether it includes custom artwork or photography, and whether there are any special requirements or restrictions. We are open about our pricing and will gladly give you several options when quoting.

You choose how we quote. One approach is for you to set a budget, and we’ll propose concepts that are affordable for you. Another approach is for you to propose a preferred concept, and we’ll quote you a price. (And if you aren’t sure exactly how you want to proceed, don’t worry—we can start by simply talking about your project, then move to the quote when you feel ready.)

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Alternate History book cover design: Peaks of Grace Alternate History book cover design: Circuits and Crises Alternate History book cover design: Blackbird Mystery book cover design: Dog Gone Lies Mystery book cover design: Sky High Stakes Thriller book cover design: The Will to Power Sci-Fi book cover design: Hubris Sci-fi book cover design: Shadows and Anguish Thriller book cover design: The Darkness Below

“Thank you so much, you did an awesome job. ... We have a great cover all thanks to you!”

—Roberto Mendes
Co-Editor, Anthology of European SF

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