Backlist Republishing

Do you have out-of-print books whose rights have reverted to you? Or perhaps you’ve retained e-book rights to books already published in print?

Make the most of your backlist by publishing it independently.

Our initial consultation is free and carries no commitment. We’ll help you clarify your copyright and contractual situation, then provide you with personalized advice and guidance to plan your independent publishing venture.

If your manuscripts aren’t already in digital format, we’ll provide you with a quote for manuscript conversion. We can convert manuscripts from any printed source, and we guarantee a clean digital file.

Once your manuscripts are ready, you’ll have the option of hiring us for any combination of our publishing services, as suits your needs. Regardless of which services you choose, we provide you with ongoing support and advice as you move ahead with publishing your backlist.


  • Keep your copyrights and total creative control
  • No ongoing fees or percentages
  • Reach new audiences
  • Sell directly to international markets
  • Update or enhance your book

We Deliver

  • Initial consultation to clarify your situation and plan your re-publishing venture
  • Manuscript conversion to produce a clean digital file
  • Production and distribution services as required for e-book and/or print-on-demand editions
  • Cover design to replace any cover images you don’t own
  • Ongoing support

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