Author Platform

The engine of an independent author’s career is their author platform, but many authors neglect their platform because they either don’t know where to start, feel intimidated, or can’t find the time to keep up with it. Many authors’ platforms are not customized to their talents or schedules, or are missing key components, greatly reducing their effectiveness.

We can help you to establish an effective platform that you’ll enjoy using. We start by helping you to develop a custom promotion plan that lets you interact with your readers your way. Then we guide you through selecting the tools for your platform and making agreements directly with service providers. With your tools chosen, we handle the technical setup and configuration, then we train you on how to use each of them. We also provide graphic design so your platform looks professional and reflects your personal style.

With your platform in place, we provide ongoing support and training to help you improve your promotions and reader interactions. We tailor this support to your needs, focusing on the areas that are crucial to your success or are giving you the most trouble. Our goal is to help you become confident, self-sufficient, and effective at promoting your books and connecting with your readers.

Because this service is so customized, prices vary considerably. Our goal is to minimize your ongoing costs and help you become as independent as possible, while providing the support you need to succeed.

Note: If you’re preparing to release your first book, we recommend you set up your author platform an absolute minimum of three months before your publication date. Book launches can be hectic and you will want your tools and skills in place before the big date!


  • Create an effective platform for promoting and selling your books
  • Learn how to reach your audience without expensive advertising or huge time investments
  • Enjoy promoting instead of feeling obligated or intimidated
  • Get trained and feel confident using the tools at your disposal
  • ‘Right-size’ your platform and minimize ongoing costs

We Deliver

  • Initial consultation to determine your platform needs
  • Setup assistance for new services and/or changing configurations
  • Graphic design for platform assets as needed
  • Training on how to use your platform effectively
  • Follow-up to help you improve over time

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