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Trials of the Tempest

Cover design and illustration by Saul Bottcher.

Several months after the defeat of Doctor Cain and the halt of the Liberation Act, Neo Tech City welcomes Homunculi refugees who seek peace amongst the humans of the city. They are led by the Homunculus, Luther, who is striving to unite both races together in harmony. While most are accepting of this change, others are not. Tensions only further rise when Luther's life is put into danger thanks to two mysterious assassins gunning for him.

In light of said events, the Mayor of NTC unveils Project Tempest, a project designed to “assist” the Hunters in their attempts to keep the slowly diminishing peace in the city. With this, the Hunters are put into a tight position: Side with the Humans, and be labeled “Lapdogs” by their Homunculi brethren, or side with the Homunculi, and be labeled “Traitors” by the humans?"

Amongst the commotion, the Liberator Organization slowly moves along behind the scenes, orchestrating their plans to resume where Cain left off, along with Doctor Jackson, who delves deep into the painful secrets of his past to secure a future where the Liberators are stopped once and for all.

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