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Circuits and Crises

Cover design and illustration by Saul Bottcher.

As Emperor Andrew Babenburg labors to uncover the secrets of the Landers, his brothers fret that interest has warped into obsession. To the south, obsession and argument have become schism, breaking apart Tivolia, Morloke and Scheel at a moment when danger threatens. Or does it? Captain Mike Kidder, commander of the fortress of Sigurney smells trouble brewing east of the mountains, but his paymasters look north, not east, for danger. And when Edmund “Ironhand” von Sarmas throws a wildcard into the mix, anything can happen (and probably will).

Book 6 of the Colplatschki Chronicles by Alma T.C. Boykin, available from:

“It looks good ... everything's clear and readable, the colors work, and it catches the eye.”
—Alma T. C. Boykin, Author